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Spotify: Marcelo D2

Author: Toad

29 Apr

Marcelo D2 - Desabafo / Deixa Eu Dizer

I got a tip from my brazilian friend about a brazilian rapper named Marcelo D2. His album A Arte Do Barulho from 2008 features alot of nice songs, with alot of bossa style beats. Medaphor(MED) is also guest starring one of the tracks.

There’s alos a video Desabafo / Deixa Eu Dizer for Check it out on Marcelo D2’s Site/Blog.

Video: Kid Cudi - Day ‘n’ Nite

Author: Toad

28 Apr

I know this song is not new but i just recently saw the video.
Good song + cool video = even better!

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Krownprence the Iceflame download

Author: Toad

25 Apr

Rapper Krownprence the Iceflame from San Francisco has dropped a free collection of songs on Precise Science Records with the title Camoflage Bizness. The total of 11 songs delivers some dope raps, some vibey and mellow beats. According to the when the files were created these song were made in 2006 and 2007.

Props to Krownprence and Precise Science Records!

Krownprence the Iceflame

Krownprence - Easy Living

Krownprence - Send Him To War

Download full zip from PSR

Don’t foreget to visit Krownprence on Myspace and Precise Science Records’ website

Life is…..Too Short

Author: Toad

22 Apr

Looking back on some west coast hip hop from 1988.
Rapper Too $hort’s song Life is…..Too Short is still hot to this day!

Video Highlights:
- The cool little kid bustin his moves 0:25
- The dancing side kick dude (in the background)
- Too $hort and side kick doing their secret handshake 3:04

When i make my first real music video i will have to get a nice side kick like that.

If you havent had enough bass banging Oakland hip hop here’s some spotify links:

A Distant Sound Download

Author: Toad

20 Apr

I was staying up late last night even though i had to wake up early for work. I was playing around with few beats and i decided to post one on the blog.
So here here’s a nice instrumental track (exept for some vocal samples) for ya’ll to stream and download!

A Distand Sound Artwork

Toad - A Distant Sound

Digga & Kas - Let's Go Back

In 2005 DJ Digga was working on an album with a Georgia based emcee Kas. For some reason Kas disapeared just before the album was complete, so now DJ Digga drops the Kick-Off single for free, 4 years later on his blog. 2 tracks and 1 instrumental. Props to DJ Digga and Kas for these dope tracks!

A1: Let´s Go Back (Street Version)
A2: Let´s Go Back (Instrumental)
B1: Area Expander

Kas and DJ Digga “Lets Go Back”

Head over to MIDNIGHT TRAIN TO ÅHUS(DJ Digga’s blog) to download!. Dont forget to check out all of his mixtapes and remixes too. Might come in handy while chilling in the park this summer!

Det är faktiskt inte mycket svensk hip hop som jag gillar. Det finns dock undantag ibland och det här är ett av dom. Oliver & Bjarne B bjuder på funkiga, synthiga och ryckiga beats med fet rap på sin senste EP Borta Men Här. Ett av spåren gästas även av inga mindre än PH3 (Profilen och Eye n’ I, också ett av undantagen).

Oliver Def & Bjarne B - Borta Men Här EP

Här kommer ett smakprov på 5:e spåret av 6 på skivan, Checka Din Puls:

Så gillar ni vad ni hör så glid över på deras MySpace och ge dom lite props. EPn kan köpas på Gulan för 50kr och alla som beställer något i deras nätbutik får den gratis. Förhoppningsviskommer den också upp på iTunes och Spotify innom kort. (updates på det sen)

FVR 005: Green Music vol. 1

Author: Toad

9 Apr

YEAH! It’s been a while since the last Funk Valley release but here it is. This time it’s beatmaker Easter Bunny(EB Production) - from Malmö, Sweden - giving us some instrumental Hip Hop. As usual, here on Funk Valley Records, the album is free to download in the Music section!

If you like what you hear and are in need of beats just holla at EB Production on MySpace and maybe he’ll hook you up!

“1, 2, Get Down!”

Download and stream the rest of the album in the Music section!