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PH3 - Telefon (Download)

Author: Toad

26 May

PH3 - Telefon

PH3, som består Eye N’I, Profilen, Nils Wallfält, Salem Al Fakir och Jacob Birgersson, bjuder Funk Valley Records och resten av världen på ett litet smak prov från deras album som kommer nån gång höst. Låten heter “Telefon“.

Lyssna och ladda ner låten nedan. Glöm inte att kolla deras nykokta blogg på

PH3 - Telefon

Wanna kick it old school?

Author: Toad

13 May

Roland TR-808

Want to kick some fat old school drum machine sounds? Some guys att HEXAWE has upload alot drum machine sounds on their FTP server. To be precise its a 302mb zip file with samples from 200 different drum machines. And If you’re also into that whole bit-music thing you should head over to thier site because they have alot of downloadable songs there. (from HEXAWE)

If you’re not totaly satisfied with the electronic drums and want something more organic, dont for get to check out Funk Valley Rcords own drum sound collection, which can also be found in the “Samples & Beats”-section.

Toad Drum Samples (release1).rar (FVR)

FVR 006: NIXON - The Magnificent Way

Author: Toad

11 May

NIXON - The Magnificent Way

Nixon ( aka Natural Intelligence of an Xplicit & Original Negro), our latest feature on the site. He’s a french rapper who found his passion for Hip Hop at the age of 10.

NIXON’s debut album The Magnificent Way has a nice jazzy and funky vibe through most of the songs. None Of Hozz features on track number 6.

Download “The Magnificent Way”

Also check the music video for Sickle Cell:

DJ Wordy at Berns May 20th

As a 3 x DMC Champion, DJ Wordy has played all over the world, sharing stage with world famous DJs and artists such as DJ Q-bert, Beenie Man and Talib Kweli. DJ Wordy is a pioneer of hip hop culture in China, and that is where his music is rooted today.

More info on Berns website.

Yesterday I wrote about jazz artist Sun Ra. Today i found a nice four part documentary about him on YouTube. Here’s Part 1:

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Sun Ra

Sun Ra makes alot of weird music. Strange jazz with cool keyboard sounds.
Maybe it’s not so strange since he’s not from Earth (at least he claims he’s from Saturn). His real name is Herman Poole Blount but he changed is name to Le Sony’r Ra and denied any connection to his birthname. Ra is the ancient egyptian god of the sun, hence the name.

Sun Ra released Nuclear War on the album with the same name in 1982.

Originally Ra was so sure the funky dance track was a hit, he immediately took it to Columbia Records, where they immediately rejected it. Why he thought a song with the repeating chant “Nuclear War, they’re talking about Nuclear War/It’s a motherf***er, don’t you know/if they push that button, your ass gotta go/and whatcha gonna do without your ass” would be a hit is another puzzle in the Sun Ra myth.
~ Al Campbell, All Music Guide

Goran Kajfes

20 years later Goran Kajfes makes a tribute to Sun Ra and his song Nuclear War on his album Headspin, with Timbuktu and Chords on the vocals.

Funk Valley Spotify Mix #1 - May 2009

The first edition of the monthly Funk Valley Spotify Mix is here! This month’s we’re giving you a Hip Hop mix with a happy and relaxed vibe all the way through it.

If you’re as old fashioned as we are then you will just record it on a tape, put on your slickest shades and walk straight to the park, with a few beers in your bag.

Much Love!