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FVR 010: Bjarne B - PANCAKES

Author: Toad

25 Mar

I’m happy the present our 1+th release here on Funk Valley Records. This time it’s Bjarne B’s turn to show us what he’s got!


Download PANCAKES (.zip)
And ofcourse you can find it in the Catalog

11. Yeuh

FVR 009: Seasons In The Shwaa

Author: Toad

12 Oct

The House Of Shwaa - Seasons In The Shwaa

Lets welcome The House Of Shwaa to the Funk Valley family.
Here’s Seasons In The Shwaa free to download.
Feel free to share with friends, family and fiends!

Download ‘Seasons In The Shwaa’ (.zip)

Diana & Marvin vs. Peggy Lee - Black Coffee (Toad Mash Up)

Black Coffee (Toad Mash Up)

Mashed Songs on Spotify:


Here’s a preview of the coming album from The Funk Valley Gang. It’s a tribute to all the steaks and sausages laying on the grill right now! Probably coming out sometime this summer. And as usual it will be free to download.

BBQ By The Grill

Since i’ve been pretty busy(read lazy) lately with posting new and exiting music, i feel i have compensate. So here’s some early christmas presents for ya’ll. And if you make the dopest track in the world on one of the beats, but have no sweet mix, just holla and i’ll hook you up.

Beat #411

Beat #412

Beat #415


Ladda ner hela Kärlek &

The break up for break up artists!
Vi är tillbaks. 4 låtar för 2009. Om 2009. Och om hur allt började.
Det här är blandningen av det funkiga, det sockersöta, det självutlämnande, det råa och det vackra. Lite som kärlek. Lite som hiphop.
Som gamle Nas säger, One love!

Oliver Def & Bjarne B

01. B-boy Deluxe
02. Försökt (med sång av Huzzlin Sanna Ohlgren)
03. Ljudet du gör (med kör av Huzzlin Sanna Ohlgren)
04. Wazzap

Text och musik: Oliver Def & Bjarne B
Omslag av Jens Moses


B-boy Deluxe (320kbps)


Me and my friends in Music is the Weapon wants to celebrate the king of Afro Beat Fela Kuti. So here’s a free tribute song from The Music is the Weapon.

Music is the Wepaon - Song for Fela Kuti

35Bag & SupaHumans

The friends of mine at The Phonk Mob dropped some nice track for download on their blog. And dont forget to sign up for SupaHumans video release party on Sept 30th!

35Bag - Hot Like Hell (Like This Song) feat. Anthony Mills

SupaHumans - I Am Sir Sampalot’s Remixxx