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FVR 010: Bjarne B - PANCAKES

Author: Toad

25 Mar

I’m happy the present our 1+th release here on Funk Valley Records. This time it’s Bjarne B’s turn to show us what he’s got!


Download PANCAKES (.zip)
And ofcourse you can find it in the Catalog

11. Yeuh

FVR 009: Seasons In The Shwaa

Author: Toad

12 Oct

The House Of Shwaa - Seasons In The Shwaa

Lets welcome The House Of Shwaa to the Funk Valley family.
Here’s Seasons In The Shwaa free to download.
Feel free to share with friends, family and fiends!

Download ‘Seasons In The Shwaa’ (.zip)

This is our 8th free release on Funk Valley Records.
Harry Hermans Festorkester returns with 3-track EP (as the title so well implies in swedish). It’s free to download so send it all of your friends if you like it!

The Voice Of A Generation (EN EP)

Download “The Voice Of A Generation (EN EP)”
The album can also be found in our Catalog-section.


01. How Did We Turn Into You
02. Under Täcket
02. Tolvan

03. “How Did We Turn Into You”

The sequel of Green Music Vol. 1 is now here! Beats, beats and more beats, yes, this 13-track release is for all you beat heads out there.

Green Music Vol. 2: Hip Hop Lives

08. ‘Take a Break’

So go download it in our Catalog.

FVR 006: NIXON - The Magnificent Way

Author: Toad

11 May

NIXON - The Magnificent Way

Nixon ( aka Natural Intelligence of an Xplicit & Original Negro), our latest feature on the site. He’s a french rapper who found his passion for Hip Hop at the age of 10.

NIXON’s debut album The Magnificent Way has a nice jazzy and funky vibe through most of the songs. None Of Hozz features on track number 6.

Download “The Magnificent Way”

Also check the music video for Sickle Cell:

FVR 005: Green Music vol. 1

Author: Toad

9 Apr

YEAH! It’s been a while since the last Funk Valley release but here it is. This time it’s beatmaker Easter Bunny(EB Production) - from Malmö, Sweden - giving us some instrumental Hip Hop. As usual, here on Funk Valley Records, the album is free to download in the Music section!

If you like what you hear and are in need of beats just holla at EB Production on MySpace and maybe he’ll hook you up!

“1, 2, Get Down!”

Download and stream the rest of the album in the Music section!

Release FVR 004: Thunder of Funk

Author: Toad

16 Oct

Eventually the last song is done and the whole collection can be released, after trouble with lost recordings. Well, here it is, Thunder of Funk, a 4-track album from Harry Hermans Festorkester.

01. K R F E Y K O T S
02. Down the Drain
03. Incredible Instrumental Incarnation
04. Krakow

“K R F E Y K O T S”:

Download the rest of the album in the Music-section.

Release FVR 003: Toad - Space Funk

Author: Toad

12 Oct

Here’s the third release. Space Funk is Toad’s more experimental collection of songs, and more uptemo than usual and would probably go under the category House or Breakbeat.

01. Beat Is Fresh
02. Bethânia Sunshine
03. I Redefine
04. Make It Cool
05. Slidin’ Through

“Beat Is Fresh”:

Download the rest of the album in the Music-section.