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Vic recommends: Life’s a Struggle

Author: Vic

20 Sep

Electric - Life's A Struggle

When the debut album Life’s A Struggle by Electric Company came out in 2004 I was convinced it was going to be a great breakthrough for the group. A few years later no one seems to talk about, or hardly even listen to, the album. I haven’t heard anything new from the group apart from them seemingly breaking up.

Electric Company created one of the easiest hiphop albums to listen to, it’s an example of how beautiful hiphop could be, when prestige and competition is put aside and the message is centered. With absolutely stunning beats and lyrics about hope and peacefulness, it’s a tribute to everyone in the struggle of life. The playfulness found in more or less every song is always counterbalanced by serious undertones and highly devoted mc’s which gives the album credibility in some way. You are actually ready to believe in what the rappers say.

The only reason Life’s A Struggle haven’t become an underground classic among hiphop lovers, must be too many people have missed it. Take your time to listen to it, Life’s A Struggle is definitely worth to be acknowledged.

The whole album is available on Spotify, and I found at least one song, Late Show, on Youtube.

Vic recommends: Road to the Riches

Author: Vic

9 Jun

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo’s Road to the Riches from 1989 is definitely one of the best hiphop albums of the 80’s (one of the best albums ever if you ask me). In contrast to later recordings, Kool G Rap doesn’t always try to rap all fast with as a few pauses for breathing as possible. Instead he makes it sound real simple, but with a rhythm in his rhyming that puts him among the best rappers of all time.

While newer hiphop generally tries to sound more improvised and spontaneous, Kool G Rap leaves nothing for chance. Road to the Riches gives the impression that every word on the album is pronounced with full certainty and with absolutely perfect timing, like the verses are calculated mathematically and planned to result in the maximum effect. Marley Marl stands for the surprisingly varied production, and DJ Polo makes some really nice cuts.

Especially listen to She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not, Road to the Riches and Cars, available on Youtube. In fact the whole album can be found in this youtube playlist.

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Road to the Riches

Road to the Riches by Kool G Rap & DJ Polo, 1989.

Camp Lo’s Uptown Saturday Night album from 1997 is an absorbing album produced by Ski, who also produced Jay-Z back in the days. There is nothing to complain about the productions, but it is the two rappers, Cheeba and Suede, that are making this album remarkable. Uptown Saturday Night is greatly varied; It contains one the most catching hiphop party songs that I have ever heard, the masterpiece “Luchini (AKA this is it)”, and laid back songs like the hit single “Coolie High”. Cheeba and Suede’s energetic raps, however, permeates all tracks on the album, and you’ll definitely learn to love their experimental style of rap while listening through it.

Listen to Luchini (AKA this is it) on youtube, the rest of the songs are available on spotify, like Black Nostaljack below.

The 1997 Uptown Saturday Night album by Camp Lo.

The 1997 Uptown Saturday Night album by Camp Lo.

Vic recommends: Livin’ Proof

Author: Vic

18 Mar

Group Home’s debut album Livin’ Proof from 1995 is an another excellent example of how DJ Premier justly saves his best beats for more skilled rappers than Guru. The album is lined with the heavy, dark but still playful beats that characterizes much of the golden age New York hiphop. Melachi The Nut Cracker and Lil’ Dap of Group Home brilliantly complement the beats with great verses about their tough life. Pretty much every word said by Melachi could be scratched into the chorus of any rap song and sound heavy. The same could probably be said about Lil’ Dap who, on the other hand, delivers his flow with a rather unusual voice that he manages to make sound quite tough.

Group Home - Supa Star:

Also listen to the songs 2 Thousand and Livin’ Proof, available on Youtube.

The Group Home classic Livin Proof album from 1995.

The Group Home classic Livin' Proof album from 1995.