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Diana & Marvin vs. Peggy Lee - Black Coffee (Toad Mash Up)

Black Coffee (Toad Mash Up)

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Royal Flush - Worldwide (Toad Remix)

Author: Toad

17 Aug

Worldwide Remix Artwork

Yeah, Geronimo is dope! Shit’s Real (YouTube) is one of the fattest songs ever made. But what im giving you here is a remix of his track The Natural. I didnt like the original beat so much so i flipped it for you…

Mic Geronimo - The natural (Toad Remix)

Mic Geronimo - The Natural (Toad Remix)

DJ Forefit - remix M.I.A.

Listen here:

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Xzibit - Concentrate (Toad Remix)

Author: Toad

2 Nov

A more melodic version of Xzibit’s song Concentrate

Concentrate (Toad Remix)