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moO - Apples & Pears EP

Author: Toad

5 Oct

Up My Alley Logo

Record label Up My Alley has all their music streamable - unfortunately not for download - on their site.

I found this little gem while clicking around on their site. Apples & Pears by moO kind of reminds me of Madlibs bluenote remixes. You can listen to all the tracks below and if you’re in the this whole Spotify thing there’s a link even furtherdown.

Goodgroove Records Podcast Vol.1

Author: Toad

22 Sep

Goodgroove Records Logo

Goodgroove Records Podcast Vol.1 by GoodgrooveRecords

Fresh Funk/Breakbeat mix from Goodgroove Records. Download by clicking the download icon on the player.

SoundCloud: Affine Records

Author: Toad

7 Sep

Affine Records

Today i was just looking around randomly for some new music on SoundCloud and found some nice tracks on Affine Records’ account.

The first track has a pretty trippy, choppy electronic style that reminds me alot of Sa-Ra (MySpace). Gets even nicer when the vocals somes in. The second one is abit darker but still pretty spaced out. And the third one is kind of Jazz-Fusion, and with more accoustic sound in the drums.

2 Banks of Four - Flags and Words (The Clonious Rmx) by affine records

Dorian Concept - You Silly Bastard by affine records

JSBL - The Flu by affine records

I got the album Soulhack when it was released in 2003. Loved it then, love it now. Now, a few years later i found that Forss uploaded Soulhack on Soundcloud, not only for streaming but for downloading too! So check this out and buy the record from his record label Sonar Kollektiv if you like it.

Forss - Soulhack

For more good free Forss music go to his SoundCloud page.