Diana & Marvin vs. Peggy Lee - Black Coffee (Toad Mash Up)

Black Coffee (Toad Mash Up)

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Flying Lotus - MmmHmm music video

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14 Jul

A second cut from his self-proclaimed ’space opera’ Cosmogramma, MmmHmm features renowned bassist Thundercat (Sa-Ra Collective, Erykah Badu, Suicidal Tendencies), who contributes mellifluous vocals and bass to the track and stars in the video. Directed by Special Problems and commissioned by Warp Films, you can watch it below - followed by the completed Brainfeeder London Lineup taking place on 14 August.

Warp Records


Here’s a preview of the coming album from The Funk Valley Gang. It’s a tribute to all the steaks and sausages laying on the grill right now! Probably coming out sometime this summer. And as usual it will be free to download.

BBQ By The Grill

Wildcookie’s “Heroine”

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16 Apr

First video from Freddie Cruger & Anthony Mills music collaboration “Wildcookie”. An album will be released (unfortunately not on FVR) beginning av of 2010.

Back from India

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15 Apr

Oh, forgot to tell you we went on a trip? Well, we’re back now.

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Since i’ve been pretty busy(read lazy) lately with posting new and exiting music, i feel i have compensate. So here’s some early christmas presents for ya’ll. And if you make the dopest track in the world on one of the beats, but have no sweet mix, just holla and i’ll hook you up.

Beat #411

Beat #412

Beat #415

O’Spada - Ten Strikes

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30 Nov

O'Spada - Ten Strikes

Fresh new music from O’Spada. I’m still waiting for the full album!


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6 Nov

I dont know, I just thought it was funny…

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