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Funk Valley Spotify Mix #6 (Oct 2009)

Author: Toad

12 Oct


This months Spotify Mix is abit different. SupaDude from Supahumans has cooked up this delicate mix of funk soul and Hiphop for us.


A 10-track playlist dedicated to one of the best beat makers in the world, Pete Rock!
Yeah, Pete Rock is the guy behind alot of the classics, and still doing it with class today.


This month’s playlist is dedicated to Redman and his Soopaman Luva tracks.

Dollar Bundle

Funk Valley mix, Dollar Edition.
For everyone that knows the sweet taste of MONEY.

Funk Valley Spotify Mix #2 (June 2009)

Funk Valley mix, old school edition.
A sweet mix with some of the freshest MC’s of the 80’s.

Funk Valley Spotify Mix #1 - May 2009

The first edition of the monthly Funk Valley Spotify Mix is here! This month’s we’re giving you a Hip Hop mix with a happy and relaxed vibe all the way through it.

If you’re as old fashioned as we are then you will just record it on a tape, put on your slickest shades and walk straight to the park, with a few beers in your bag.

Much Love!