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‘PH3 löser ett fall’ out now!

Author: Toad

11 Nov

PH3 Löser Ett Fall

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Diana & Marvin vs. Peggy Lee - Black Coffee (Toad Mash Up)

Black Coffee (Toad Mash Up)

Mashed Songs on Spotify:

O’Spada - Ten Strikes

Author: Toad

30 Nov

O'Spada - Ten Strikes

Fresh new music from O’Spada. I’m still waiting for the full album!

I just found this interview with Chi-Ali, the shorty who made his first (and unfortunately last) album “The Fabulous Chi-Ali” at the age of 14. That was back in 1992. In this interview from 2008, he talks alot about how he grew up with hip hop and hanging around with the older rappers. He is currently serving a 14 year sentence for murder and the interview takes place in his correction facility.

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Chi-Ali also featuring on this Black Sheep track (1:22). This little man sure could flow!

Dudley Perkins’ Expressions

Author: Toad

8 Oct

Dudley Perkins

Dudley Perkins isnt really the best singer, but that doesnt really matter ’cause he does is a beautiful way. His songs i mostly a mix of rap and song. Check it out his album, “Expressions (2012 A.U.)” from 2006, on Spotify if you haven’t already.


A 10-track playlist dedicated to one of the best beat makers in the world, Pete Rock!
Yeah, Pete Rock is the guy behind alot of the classics, and still doing it with class today.


This month’s playlist is dedicated to Redman and his Soopaman Luva tracks.

Dollar Bundle

Funk Valley mix, Dollar Edition.
For everyone that knows the sweet taste of MONEY.